Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • my boyfriend and i have discussed having a baby for a while now. we moved out of our parents house in october of last year. we're both young still, (i'm 22 and he's 24) but feel like we're more than ready for a baby. we never did use protection but in january we decided to just let whatever happens, happen. well, my period was due 4/29 but nothing. i tested this morning 5/6 and...
    i can't believe it! i felt it in my gut. i'm never late but from reading so much on this app, i didn't know what to expect really. i'm so happy! still in such shock. to anyone trying, baby dust to you all! ✨
    god knows, i've woke up crying plenty of times, because i've dreamt i was pregnant. i've cried while watching labor and delivery videos. cried when i've seen people post postitive pregnancy test. your time will come. it's all in god's timing!
    i know parenthood isn't gonna be easy, but it'll most defintely be worth it.
  • Omg can this be true. I have been wanting another baby (my daughter will be 5 in June) for 2 years but my hubby works out of town a lot. Our schedules never match up until this month. I am so happy but scared at the same time.πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
  • finally after TTC for 3 years and 4 months it happened..I'm 6 weeks pregnant...don't give up girls, keep trying and pray. miracles do happen.
  • I'm 2 to 3 weeks pregnant
  • I had my iud(mirena) removed in September of 2015 and started actively ttc in October after my first full took about 3 months for me to regulate back to my 30 day cycle and then I went in for my yearly pap in February after which I got a first time ever low grade abnormal pap smear, which meant I had to have a colposcopy done...after that it was back in the ttc game. I had noticed that my cm was not abundant like it used to be before mirena and so I started doing some research and I am a really bad allergy sufferer so I would take an antihistamine my surprise some doctors think that can dry up cm so I gave up all my allergy meds at the end of March and in April my cm was very abundant and then on may 5th I was on day 33 of my 29-30 daycycle and decided I would take a testπŸ˜ƒ much to my surprise it was positive...hope this story helps someone. my hopes and prayers go up for those whose journey has been longer and harder than mine.
  • 4th time is a charm! BFP today!
  • I'm incredibly happy. Still in shock. We're expecting our first child at 36!
    ​I agreed not to tell anyone in our lives until after the first trimester, but I had to share with everyone because you guys really helped me.
    ​Praying that my friends and cycle sisters will share the same great news soon. πŸ™πŸΌ
  • Didn't let the rest pop up I'm so excited 😻😻
  • I'm going to be a mommy. So happy and nervous
  • After 2 years we get a positive result!
  • thankful blessed after last years lost time a healthy pregnancy.
  • I was on clomid for four rounds and got pregnant! I get to hear the heartbeat next Friday 🐣
  • yes I'm pregnant..!!!!! thank you soo much for your help
  • found out today best bday present
  • After 6 months ttc, here it is! 😍😍😍 So excited to tell everyone here since I'll stay quiet for a bit (except for the husband obvs!)