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Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • Baby number 2 on the way!!
  • Yeah my third is on the way 
  • after one year
  • Huh 
  • So happy I am finally pregnant 
  • tried for months. ...nothing! !!! but the moment we're not worrying about it....BAM WE'RE PREGNANT! !!! ya us!!!!!
  • We got very lucky. The first month we started trying, we conceived. I was afraid at my age it would take a few months at least, but it didn't. We are thrilled!
  • Dh and I have been trying to ttc baby #2 since March of last year. In September we finally got our BFP and was over the moon. However I noticed my test lines were not getting darker day by day and after blood tests, a few days later I started AF. It was a confirmed early miscarriage and it was the hardest thing I've ever gone through. With DS he was conceived the first try so this was really taking a toll on me. Fast forward to now, I took a test Thursday 05/21/15 I took a test , AF was due the next day or at the latest that Sunday (today, 05/24/15) and that test was a Bfn ! I broke down and cried when DH asked me the results. The next morning I took another test and I saw the worlds faintest line !! Even DH was able to see it! I tested that evening and the line for darker! Today I tested again and the line getting darker! We are so excited to finally get our BFP with our rainbow baby. Even when you get a bfn you're not out until AF arrives !!
    ​Just some things we did differently this cycle:
    ​Geritol multivitamin ( first month taking it)
    ​Clearblue fertility monitor ( 2nd month using it )
    ​Bd during the day ( instead of at night which we did usually )on every other high and on the first peak reading  
    ​DH also took Maca
    ​And of course I tried to eat healthier . 
    ​Praying for a sticky bean !  
  • Fourth pregnancy after three miscarriages in the past year & a half first was a MMC at 12wk scan & second & third lost at 6wks😔 my husband & I are very happy but beyond terrified..taking each day at a time with fingers crossed. 
  • SO and I got our BFP this morning after me having dreams that I was pregnant for the last few days! 
  • Together 10 years, married 11/2014, pretty much trying since then.  Early mc in February and fingers crossed that this in our rainbow baby!  I'm a confessed POAS addict, and between ovulation tests and pregnancy tests, I've probably done it 5000 times!  Faintest of lines this morning, but for the first time, I actually feel pregnant!  So excited for this amazing blessing :). Good luck and baby dust to everyone!
  • As soon as u stop trying it happens soooo excited :)
  • first bfp!! thanks glow!
  • Last night my back was hurting unbearably so I decided to stop by CVS to buy a test. I was 2 days late which has happened before so I wasn't expecting to get positive results. I still went to buy one just to check. And Boom! Positive ❤️👶