Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • What do we think ladies
  • We have being trying for a baby since Feb last year had a mis carriage 3 months ago and was starting to loose hope, not really feeling any different except hungry in the mornings my period was 3 days late can usually be late but though might as well try a test was anxious to look at it and is has two lines I was in shock and didn't believe it l, took a clear blue test when I got home from work and pregnant again, still in shock!!! Now to tell the hubby when he gets home I'm so scared now what the hell do I do from here?
  • Finally after a year of trying!!! Never lose faith ladies!!
  • Blessed in every way, I just found out we are pregnant! Thanks Glow for helping me throughout my journey!
  • After 12 months TTC and one miscarriage, my doctor has confirmed I am pregnant! Fingers crossed it's a happy and healthy 9 months. Good luck on your journeys ladies. X
  • Me and Husband have all together been for 10 years. We have two fur babies, and now there is an addition to our family. ☺️
  • Been ttc for 12+ years now.
  • I have been dating my boyfriend almost a year now, I love him, he's a very sweet person. however we have a situation, a situation that i know God has in control, he never had kids before consequently a surgery that he had at a very young age, he ending up having one testicule , low sperm count, desperate, hopeless, but I believe God can fix what's is broken, he doesn't believe that he can become a father, now what I'm asking you guys is what can I do to convince him to go to see doctors? because he tried so hard in previous relationship he doesn't wanna give another try, I have faith God one day he will be, a Dad please pray for us....pray. I wanna the woman to give him the best ever a baby. ..Thank you. PRAYER CHANGE THINGS pray for us.
  • Thank you for the help, hints, tips and insight during a very challenging time! This app was very helpful!
  • My husband and i have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and we used pre-seed for the last two months and tonight we got our BFP. we are so happy and excited. thanks to glow for making my ovulation and period tracker right on spot.
  • So I had a boyfriend of 5 years he cheated numerous times & lied. I finally left, one month later I ran into a guy I knew from high school & we have been on the same page ever since, 3 months later we have been going great & I have been having sex on my ovulation dates glow provides like I had been doing for the past 5 years, exciting to say I'm finally pregnant & because of glow I was now able & ready to conceive ....thank god for who put this wonderful app together
  • Yay! Got my BFP today!!!!
  • I was on BC for about 6 years straight. Last year hubby and I decided to start trying and after 11 long stressful months, it finally happened!!!!!!!!!! It couldn't have happened at a better moment . My husband and I didn't have the best year last year & we finally got back on track and been loving each other more and more ever since. Now we finally have our baby on the way and I have to tell SOMEONE! So I decided to share with glow. 😊 not sure when it happened tho bc I deleted the app for awhile since I wasn't getting pregnant , it was depressing me & then Look what happened! I'm so excited , scared and more so grateful!
  • been trying over a year for our second, had a misscarage in September, now just got a positive pregnancy test and the due date is in September?!! excited baby dust to everyone
  • I miscarried in November at 4 weeks . Yesterday in January I found out I am expecting another little one and hoping this little peanut pulls through app helps me track ovulation perfectly #PrayersForHealthyPregnancyAndBirth
    and #BabyDustToAllTTC