Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • honestly this is an unplanned planned pregnancy... the partner and i were talking about it and what would happen if we became pregnant.. and then the we did the dead day before ovulation peak the day of an day after.. an then today. 14dpo i took a test an bfp 1-2 weeks. hoping i don't misscary my peanut.. ill be crushed.
  • me and my husband just started trying in July and I was suppose to start period yesterday and still haven't so. . .I took a test and I'M PREGNANT! !!!
  • Soooooo extremely happy right now! Pregnancy test confirmed my husband and I are expecting!!!! Words cannot express how joyful I am at this moment! 
  • :) 
  • I believe I'm pregnant
  • thank God
  • My husband and I have talked about having another baby for the last two years. We kept trying but never had any luck. I downloaded glow in April and started using it immediately. Now here it is the last day of July and I took a pregnancy test tonight and it was positive. we are both excited and can't wait.
  • this app is AMAZING!!!! I kept track of my periods and ovulation days and I was following there rules and reading a lot and thanks to this app I AM PREGNANT 😆😊😃😅
  • im lost 5 babys my last lost was in december 2 it was a boy 5monts i suffer so much the dr discover that i have incompetent cervic they have to do a ciclage went i get pregnant so now im trying i take manny vitamins and fólico acid so i hope tha dios cristo give the gift another baby thank im not speak englis very well but im trying to ........😐
  • Thankfully it only took us 1 month to convince. i am blessed ❤
  • 1 month
  • Finished up with final exams yesterday, found out my GPA bumped up significantly this morning, and just got a positive read on my pregnancy test! Today is amazing.
  • Tried for 6 months! Just tested positive urine and blood 2 days before period was meant to arrive! Yay! Thank you Glow!
  • 9 days past when my period was due and got a BFP! Got pregnant after just the second cycle of trying.... Thanks for all your help Glow!
  • in march of 2014 I was diagnosed with pcos, in December we decided to start TTC our 2nd child, after 5 months unsuccessful, I went to my midwife and after so!e tests she discovered I wasn't ovulating every month like I should have so she put me on metformin 500mg/day in may of 2015...after 2 months of metformin I am thrilled to see we got our bfp yesterday morning! it wasn't as dark as I was expecting, but clearly 2 pink lines!!!