Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • In 2012 I was elated to be expecting my first baby. I had a beautiful 40 weeks of pregnancy and then during labor, my sweet baby got trapped in the birth canal and ultimately did not survive the delivery. I suffered a lot a trauma (both physically and mentally) had to go through three surgeries and did not get to take home a baby.
    ​Years later, I had worked hard to rebuild my life and function like a normal person. I started a new relationship with my lifelong friend and moved across the country. We got engaged last March and in May we were pregnant! We were bith so excited. We soon found out that our baby had Trisomy 21 and just four weeks later, at 16 weeks, her tiny heart stopped beating.
    ​I now sit here staring at this test. I am pretty sure that's positive and I am excited and petrified all at the same time. Please send good vibes my way. I want a live child so badly.
  • 15 months and finally got my positive.
  • Look what we sprouted!
    2 years in the making, 10 months our selves, 4 medicated rounds, 3 IUI, 1 cancelled retrieval round fresh transfer, and then worked on the first Frozen embryo transfer!!!
    ​Bloods on Sunday to confirm. Super excited!
  • After 4 months of trying we are finally pregnant !! ❤️🙏🏻
  • Im 7 weekd pregnant😍😍 yaaaayyy
  • Omg ladies! It finally happened! I am pregnant. I was told last year that I may not be able to have kids. Wish me luck on this journey we are about to embark and that everything goes well for us.
  • After less than a month of using this app I was successful at becoming pregnant !!! Let the mood swings morning sickness and moments of bliss begin!!!
  • I just found out today that I am husband and I are very excited and I hope and pray it's a happy healthy baby.
  • I can't believe it!
  • 9dpo 3rd month ttc bby #3 I cut caffeine off my diet had sex everyday during my fertile time also paid attention to my CM
  • TTC for 7 months, had a miscarriage in April and just got our BFP in December!!!!
  • After an large (>10cm) ovarian cyst removal surgery earlier this year and despite rapid post-surgery cyst re-growth and left fallopian tube swelling, we are finally seeing this:
    For background: I am in my early to mid thirties and this is baby numero uno :) So, so happy and blessed 🙈 Wishing a big fat positive to all the TTC ladies out there this Christmas!
  • thank you so much glow!! finally got a positive on my pregnancy test this morning!!
  • After several weeks of trying i finaly got to get pregnant i even taught i had problems conceiving but today i got a call from my doctor telling me that i am pregnant
  • 🙃happy