Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • Im pregnant yay!
  • ​Didn't know I was pregnant until two months along! 
  • My husband and I started trying in November 2013 after having mirena for 5 years. I had a chemical pregnancy that month and also in December. I was so emotional and stressed out! I finally tried to relax a bit around Feb-March. We wanted to skip March because I didn't want a December baby. Of course though, the second you stop trying, it happens! It was a bit of a surprise but I knew it was a possibility. I am due December 24th of all days! We are so excited though, this is our first one! 
  • Just got a positive pregnancy test! Only sharing with close family because it is so early and I'm so excited I thought I would share on here. We have 1 DD that is 18 months.
  • After 2 years of trying to conceive finally pregnant!!  I had a mycomectomy in August. Prior to that was trying but I didnot know the large baseball size fibriod was the reason I could not get pregnant. Thanks to help of Glo my periods were accurately calculated!!
  • I think i might be pregnant! 12 DPO. I came off my pill on march 18 2014. Now i think im pregnant! Use Glow! its amazing to track your body! Patience is the key! :) x
  • ​After trying for 7 cycles my husband and I FINALLY GOT OUR BFP! This time we bd'd 5 days in a row and I was worried because I never got a solid smiley face on my OPK and we were traveling so I wasn't expecting it to happen this month. The glow community is so awesome and loving and I might have lots my mind if it weren't for my cycle buddies!!! Thank God for our little miracle!
  • I had two miscarriages last in dec thought it would take a year for me to get pregnant but I'm pregnant now in April and I did it on my ovulation date and I was so happy a lil nervous but still happy I got a positive pregnancy test and haven't seen my period never lose hope and stay positive.
  • After 2 years of trying!! :) 
  • Just found out I'm pregnant
  • I've only used this for less than a month because my friend told me about it.. jus found out this morning that I'm pregnant!!!! it feels amazing cause I've been trying for a few months and no luck!!! thank you for everything!!! I will definitely recommend this app to anyone I kno try in to conceive!!!!
  • After years of worrying I might not be able to and wanting it so much. Everyone told me not to worry but you can't help it. Hubby and I went on holiday and used Glo to track the actual days we are most likely to fall preggers and it worked. So happy! 
  • I started this app in December and here it is April I took my first test and it's positive.... Were Sooo excited