Success stories
Below are stories shared by the Glow community. We're so grateful to have been there to help along the way!
  • I started using Glow about 2 months ago... And now I'm pregnant! :) I had never kept track of my cycle and truly had no idea about ovulation but voila! Lol. Due on 20 Dec 2014!! :)
  • Patience and Prayer. To be content in whatever state I find myself ... wow .it's in the hands of the Almighty! His timing is not usally ours.
  • I have been trying to conceive for over 3 years now. I started taking vitamins and drinking water and I am now Pregnant! !!
  • After three rounds of clomid and 15 m
  • I'm so excited. Baby #1!! Been trying since December! 
  • Found put April 15th. due December 13th
  • ​please excuse my hair everywhere!!!  Still in shock!!! I've been dancing around my house since I saw the second line!!! We've been TTC since October, this month I was determined to do everything right. I took OPKs everyday, BD'd on average every other day, and turned into rabbits as soon as I got my positive. This is the result!!!! I'm HOPING I can wait until the 28th to tell the hubby on his birthday!!!
  • ​Well that's a positive if I have ever seen one:)
  • ​got my BFP today, 4 months TTC :) !!! Over theoon with happiness :) 
  • After a few months of trying.. I got my BFP!
  • After 3 months of constant negatives, tons of confusing OPK's, and taking my BBT every morning​... I can announce WE'RE PREGNANT! 
    ​What'd we do different this month? Pre-seed! And not stressing over it, and taking a trip to get away from it all! 
    ​Good luck to everybody!:) 
  • been tryin since January got glow in February I thought I was unable to conceive but now its April and I just found out me and my fiance have been blessed good luck to all of you patients is key
  • According to Glow, AF was supposed to arrive on Friday, so I gave it a few days, especially since I was feeling exactly like she was about to arrive any second. I kept getting that very familiar feeling of slight cramping/pressure before a period. However, still nothing by today (Monday) so here I am at 5am... Took the test, and Pregnant! I was shocked. We've been trying for about 7 months. This month felt no different... I was someone who kept reading these forums trying to see if pregnancy is supposed to feel different, or if you just "know"....well, I definitely didn't :) if I wasn't tracking on Glow I would have just assumed AF was still coming. So keep your hopes high, don't drive yourselves crazy, it will happen! Thanks Glow and your great community.
  • I've been reading everyone's success stories I've the last 8 weeks and thought aaww I can't wait for mine. Took my last Yasmin pill on boxing day 2013 thought it would take at least 6 month to get my body back in line but no got a BFP this morning just out if the blue I thought aaww I'll just see (I went out at the weekend for my birthday and had a few drinks now I feel guilty) but my Clearblue test says I'm 2-3 weeks pregnant!!!! got to get through a shift at work alongside my boyfriend without telling him till we get home!! Cant wait to see his gorgeous face light up!!!
  • It finally happened!!